AVI is Audio Video Interleave. Itís a media format that combines audio and video synchronously. With high quality of image and availability on multiple platforms, it is  mainly applied to Multimedia CDs to save every sorts of imaging information on TV, Movie, etc.

WMV contains video and audio streams respectively using Windows Media Video codec and Windows Media Audio codec. 

To convert avi to wmv file, you may first install the proper avi decoder in your system. The video and audio stream in the avi container can be encoded by any codecs. So you have to try different decoders until you can preview the avi in Windows Media Player or WMV Converter.

Download WMV Converter which can convert avi to wmv file. Select an avi file, change some parameters such as the video encoding bitrate,  audio encoding bitrate, resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

If set the customized size to watch high definition in 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p) resolutions, and increase bit rate, you may convert avi to wmv HD.


DVD means Digital Versatile Disc. Itís the successor of CD/LD/VCD and is believed to be the storage technology of new generationís standards. It adopts MPEG2 Program Stream format to store programs of fixed Length. There are 5 formats for DVD, respectively are DVD-VIDEO, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-AUDIO. After years of technical development, DVD Standard products appear to be far better than CD in whatever technology or sound quality. As the increase popularity of its products, HD-DVD standard of its next generation appears.

WMV Converter does not convert dvd to wmv file. Please download Cucusoft DVD to Zune downloader from RegNow, which can convert DVD to wmv.

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