Synchronize OGM audio
OGM means Ogg Media File formed by adding a video file to ogg vorbis. OGM was actually found by a hacker incidently. With the added video, OGM format is known as a multimedia container which could make a number of tracks and subtitles embedded and overweighs some other video formats in certain fields like faster indexing and more quickly dragging progress than AVI, perfectly adds DVD information, etc. Now OGMís relative functions such as play back, cut, create a new OGM file, conversion are fully supported.

To synchronize/sync ogm, please install ogm splitter and codec. OGM is a kind of video container like avi. It means the video and audio stream in OGM can be encoded by any video codec and audio codec. You may still try to install video audio codec until Windows Media Player can preview the ogm file. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of an ogm file. Click the Options button, select  Output Format as WMV in the following dialog box.

If ogm Muxer is installed on your system, rename the output file extension as *.ogm. Select other options like avi format, select Ogg Multiplexer as muxer, you may get ogm file. But the muxer is not stable.

VCR is Video cassette recorder. VCR plays VHS. VHS means Video Home System. It a kind of Home video Recorder and playing standard developed by JVC in 1976.The standard format comes after the competition between Sony's Betamax format and Philips Video 2000 format. With longer playing time and less complex tape carrier structure and much faster forward and backward speed, VHS seems to be better than Betamax. VHS still takes up major market share in America, but itís been eliminated by VCD and DVD in Asia, and VHS-Compact has been replaced by DV digital video.

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