Sync MP4 audio
MP4 was firstly specified as an audio format with little relation with MPEG-4, and just like the relationship between MP3 and MPEG-3. But now it tends to be a video format and equals to MPEG-4 Part 14 with the extension of *.mp4. It mainly stores digital audio and digital video.

To synchronize/sync mp4  file, please install the appropriate mp4 decoder and audio decoder for the mp4 format such as FFDSHOW, DivX, XviD etc.  

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of an mp4 file. Click the Options button, select Output Format with WMV.

If you want to get mp4 file, please install third party mp4 muxer. Select Output Format with Custom video muxer.  Set Custom video muxer as mp4 multiplexer. The you may get mp4 file.

ASX is Advanced Stream Redirector. ASX is XML metafile designed to store a list of Windows Media files for streaming video. It supports RTSP, MMS, HTTP protocols. WVX is Windows Media Video Redirector.

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