Sync RM audio, synchronize QUICKTIME
RM is a multimedia container format created by RealNetworks. RealMedia file extension is *.rm. It is typically used in conjunction with RealVideo and RealAudio and is popular for streaming content on the Internet.

To synchronize/sync rm, please install the latest RealPlayer if Windows has not installed it. Download RealMedia Splitter, Unzip the file with WinRAR, use the command line "regsvr32" to register it. Or download the bat file to Release folder to register. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of a rm file. Click the Options button, select Output Format as WMV.

There is not rm muxer based on DirectShow at present. So it is better to output wmv format.

QuickTime is a video player tool by Apple Corporation. As the media player of the new generation, its biggest feature lies in the perfect support to MPEG4, and the main functions are supporting MPEG4 files format and MPEG4 video, AAC audio decoder; faster instant playing, skip protection as well as scalable user interface. Besides dealing with video Data, QuickTime could also deal with still picture, animation, vector, multi-tracks, MIDI music, three-dimensional, objects of the virtual reality and virtual reality panorama, of course, including text.

To synchronize/sync QuickTime, please install the QuickTime Player and QuickTime Directshow filter.

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