Sync MPEG audio, synchronize HDTV
MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group. The group is organized by ISO (International Standards Organization) and IEC (International Electronic Committee) in 1988, dedicated to the Moving Image (MPEG video) and Audio Coding (MPEG Audio) standardization work.

To synchronize/sync mpeg file, you may first install a DVD player based on Microsoft DirectShow technology on your Windows if the mpeg file is compressed with mpeg-1.1 or 2.0 standard. If the mpeg is 1.0 version, Windows has included  the decoder, nothing extra codec is needed. VISTA has bundled MPEG1.1/2.0 decoder. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of a mpeg file. Click the Options button, select Output Format with WMV.


HDTV means High Definition Television which provides broader screen and higher definition than VCD or even DVD. HDTV technology having the best audio and video is the highest standard of DTV (Digital Television). The resolution of HDTV could reach as high as 1920 ◊ 1080 while the frame rate could reach to 60 fps. Besides, it adopts digital technology thus signalís anti-noise ability enhances greatly.

Please synchronize/sync HDTV, Please install HDX4 or FFDSHOW or other codecs for HDTV.

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