Synchronize/sync DVD audio
DVD means Digital Versatile Disc. Itís the successor of CD/LD/VCD and is believed to be the storage technology of new generationís standards. It adopts MPEG2 Program Stream format to store programs of fixed Length. There are 5 formats for DVD, respectively are DVD-VIDEO, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-AUDIO. After years of technical development, DVD Standard products appear to be far better than CD in whatever technology or sound quality. As the increase popularity of its products, HD-DVD standard of its next generation appears.

To synchronize/sync dvd, Please download Cucusoft DVD to Zune downloader from RegNow, which can convert DVD to wmv. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of the wmv file. It can not sync dvd directly. Click the Options button, select Output Format with WMV. Then try avi/wmv to DVD to burn it to dvd if needed.

XviD is the latest MPEG-4 codec and also the first real free open source code with its first version launched in Feb, 2002. It is developed from Open DivX, which rewrote all codecs and published in accordance with the GPL unlike the early Project Mayo by DXN. XviD now is beyond the DivX 5 with better quality and more powerful function to challenge the new generationíMPEG4 application. XviD saves more memory. Only one CD is enough to encode a video disseminated on the Internet by XviD.

To synchronize/sync xvid, please install the XviD decoder and audio decoder, or ffdshow.

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