Sync ASF audio
ASF, i.e. Advanced Streaming Format, is developed by Microsoft to play full-motion video online and let users play video while download it. With the biggest advantage of small volume, ASF is suitable for network transmission and could be played directly by the latest Microsoft Windows Media Player by Microsoft. ASF audio format could be not only formed by combining images, sound and animation data but also converted from other audios of format.

To synchronize/sync asf, please install the latest Windows Media Player which contains the latest asf codec. If asf supports other video or audio format, please install the decoders for them. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize audio/video of an asf file. If you want to output format is asf, please install ASF Multiplexer first. Read readme.txt. Copy DLLs msvcr71.dll and  mfc71.DLL to your windows system32 folder if your Windows does not have them. Run register.bat to register the muxer filter. Click the Options button, select Output Format as Custom video muxer in the following dialog box. select Custom video muxer as SolveigMM ASF Multiplexer, rename the output file extension as *.asf. Select other options like avi format, you can get asf file.

Note: Some unstable video or audio compressors may produce another out of sync problem. In this case  please try to output wmv format first.

Before start conversion, there is a filter properties dialog box to popup. Select the filter name, change the properties of the filter if needed.


MPEG1 or MPEG-1 stands for its version1.0.

MTV, short for Music Television is launched by American cable television network in early 1980s. As the songs they played in MTV are all well popular, the number of audience rises sharply. Later, TV Stations in Britain, France, Japan, Australia, and other countries also began to produce and play the similar programs. What’s more, they select the most suitable pictures for every nice song, thus introduce a new kind of art format that integrates vision with auditory.

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