MOV is an audio and video format developed by Apple Cop. to store the frequently used digital media type like audio and video. When selecting QuickTime as the “save type”, the animation will be saved as Mov files. As the streaming video format, MOV is more excellent than WMV format and RM in some field and which could be supported by many multi-media editing software and video processing software.

To synchronize/sync mov, please install the QuickTime Player and QuickTime Directshow filter. 

Download Audio Video Synchronizer which can synchronize/sync audio/video of mov file. Click the Options button, select Output Format with WMV.

There is not mov muxer based on DirectShow at present. So the program does not output mov format.

HDV is one kind of high-definition format which is declared jointly by Canon, Sharp, Sony and JVC. HDV Standard aims to develop Quasi-professional small high-definition cameras and portable high-definition home video cameras to make HD popular in broader scope. Now the main HD video resolution is 1280*720 and 1920*1080 and the Video proportion is 16 to 9. Camcorder is digital camera recorder.

To synchronize/sync HDV, please install HDV codec from the manufactory first.

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