XVID is the latest MPEG-4 codec and also the first real free open source code with its first version launched in Feb, 2002. It is developed from Open DivX, which rewrote all codecs and published in accordance with the GPL unlike the early Project Mayo by DXN. XviD now is beyond the DivX 5 with better quality and more powerful function to challenge the new generationíMPEG4 application. XviD saves more memory. Only one CD is enough to encode a video disseminated on the Internet by XviD.

MKV is a common video file defined by Matroska Media, a new multimedia package format. The feature of MKV is that it could hold many types of encoded video, audio and subtitles stream.

To convert xvid to MKV file, please install the XviD decoder and audio decoder, or ffdshow. 

Download MKV Converter which can convert XVID to mkv file. Then please install MKV codecs. Select an XVID file, set some parameters such as DivX or XviD as the video compressor,  Microsoft ADPCM as the audio compressor, adjust the resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

FLC with the file extension of .FLI and .FLC is an animated file format for Autodesk Animator and Animatorpro. It supports compression and 256 colors. Its biggest image pixels is 64000*64000 and is widely used in animation sequences of animation graphics, computer-aided design and computer game applications. FLC does not support audio stream. Please install FLC codec to convert flc to MKV.

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