DAT is a VCD file extension used in the Microsoft Windows Operating System to mean "video data" normally. It can be encoded with MPEG 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 standard.

MKV is a common video file defined by Matroska Media, a new multimedia package format. The feature of MKV is that it could hold many types of encoded video, audio and subtitles stream.

To convert DAT to MKV file, if the dat file is encoded with mpeg1.0 format, you do not need to install any additional dat decoder. If the dat file is encoded with mpeg1.1 or 2.0 format, please install DVD players which include the appropriate dat codec. Please ensure the *.dat file is video file and Windows Media Player can play it because many other files also use this kind of extension. VISTA has bundled DAT 1.1/2.0 decoder. 

Download MKV Converter which can convert dat to mkv file. Then please install MKV codecs. Select a dat file, set some parameters such as DivX or XviD as the video compressor,  Microsoft ADPCM as the audio compressor, adjust the resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

M2V is a video file extension of DVD excluding audio files. Itís one kind of mpeg2's  format. Thereíre 2 ways for Premiere pro outputting m2v: one is using adobe mpeg encode to output in m2v format, the other way could finish it one time. Please install a DVD player for mpeg2 decoder to convert m2v to mkv. Windows VISTA has bundled m2v decoder.

M1V if the file extension of mpeg1 video file. Windows98 or later version includes m1v decoder.

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