DivX is a new digital video compression technology derived from MPEG4V3 encoding technology of Microsoft developed by DivXNetworks Cop.. DivX is formed by combining the compressed audio with MP3 technology and compressed video with MPEG-4 technology. *.DivX or *.DIV adopts MPEG-4 compression algorithm, and it maintains the original image quality of DVD and may could compress a 120-minute-long film to about 300MB video stream. Based on MPEG-4 standard, DivX could even compress the VHS format video files to 1% of the original file size.

MKV is a common video file defined by Matroska Media, a new multimedia package format. The feature of MKV is that it could hold many types of encoded video, audio and subtitles stream.

To convert DIVX to mkv, please install the DivX decoder and audio decoder for the divx extension. Normally the audio stream of DIVX is encoded by MP3. In Windows it is not needed to install extra mp3 decoder. 

Download MKV Converter which can convert divx to mkv file. Then please install MKV codecs. Select a divx file, set some parameters such as DivX or XviD as the video compressor,  Microsoft ADPCM as the audio compressor, adjust the resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

PMP, short for Portable Media Player, is capable of not only watching movie but also playing music , viewing images and even recording videos and surfing the internet. Some of its products may even boasts the function of digital cameras. PMP doesn’t have uniform standards which differs from PMC and thus manufacturers could choose the application software and configuration according to their own requirements. After the Hot frenzy of iPod MP3 music player developed by Apple in the global market, PMP has been regarded as the next expectable mobile entertainment device.

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