WMA means Windows Media Audio. WMA is a new audio format developed by Microsoft well known as MP3 .With a higher rate in files compression and better sound quality than the latter, even far beyond those of RA (Real Audio). It is estimated to be the main network audio stream format soon. It is widely played in many platforms such as portable sound player, digital music products, portable moive film devices, mobile phone, Microsoft ZUNE, Palm.

ASF is Advanced Streaming Format. It is an extensible file format developed primarily for storing synchronized digital video, audio, subtitle streams, or transmitting data on the internet. ASF is also a multimedia container of Windows Media Video or Windows Media Audio.


Download ASF Converter which can convert wma to asf file. Select a wma file, change audio encoding bitrate if necessary,  rename the output file to asf extension.

TTA is short for True Audio. Itís a both free and simple real-time Lossless Audio Codec based on adaptive filtering forecast. It has he same or better compression effect compared with the main other formats. The compression rate of TTA is up to 30% to 70%, and the encoding speed is very fast, too. Lossless audio formats (such as TTA) compression ratio is about 2:1, and the data it compressed is the same with that is not done.

To convert tta to asf, please install the appropriate the TTA directShow filter.


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