RA is a new streaming audio format of Real Audio. *.ra files are needed to be played by RealPlayer, but they are also popular on the network owing to their small size and thus are saved in large quantities in users’ computers. Such files can not be played directly due to not being supported by MP3 Player. So it needs to be converted to a common format before playing.

ASF is Advanced Streaming Format. It is an extensible file format developed primarily for storing synchronized digital video, audio, subtitle streams, or transmitting data on the internet. ASF is also a multimedia container of Windows Media Video or Windows Media Audio.

To convert ra to asf: please install the latest Real Player if your Windows system does not install it. Download RealMedia Splitter, use the command line "regsvr32" to register it.


Download ASF Converter which can convert ra to asf file. Select a ra file, change audio encoding bitrate if necessary,  rename the output file to asf extension.

Drc (Dirac) is a video file for internet transmission presented by BBC.

To convert drc to asf, please install the appropriate Dirac DirectShow codec for the mpc file.

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