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Online extract/convert pdf to JPG/JPEG file
Portable Document Format, also known as "PDF". It is a cross-operating system platform file format. Text, fonts, graphics, images, colors, layouts, and parameters related to printing equipment can be encapsulated in a file, and page elements can be kept unchanged in network transmission, printing, and plate-making output, and hypertext links and audio can also be included and video and other electronic information. PDF files may also include logical structural elements, interactive elements such as annotations, forms, layers, encryption functions, digital signatures, document attachments, and metadata.

JPEG, which stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group," is a widely used image file format. It is a common method for compressing and storing digital images. Here are some key characteristics and information about the JPEG format: lossy compression, image quality control, color support, compatibility, progressive JPEG, exif data.

The web app can extract/convert pdf format to jpg/jpeg online.


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