MOV is an audio and video format developed by Apple Cop. to store the frequently used digital media type like audio and video. When selecting QuickTime as the “save type”, the animation will be saved as Mov files. As the streaming video format, MOV is more excellent than WMA format and RM in some field and which could be supported by many multi-media editing software and video processing software.

ASF is Advanced Streaming Format. It is an extensible file format developed primarily for storing synchronized digital video, audio, subtitle streams, or transmitting data on the internet. ASF is also a multimedia container of Windows Media Video or Windows Media Audio.

To convert mov to asf file, please install the QuickTime Player and QuickTime Directshow filter.


Download ASF Converter which can convert mov to asf file. Select a mov file, Change the output format to ASF in the Options dialog box, configure some parameters such as the video encoding bitrate, audio encoding bitrate, resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

M2V is a video file extension of DVD excluding audio files. It’s one kind of mpeg2's  format. There’re 2 ways for Premiere pro outputting m2v: one is using adobe mpeg encode to output in m2v format, the other way could finish it one time. Please install a DVD player for mpeg2 decoder to convert m2v to asf. Windows VISTA has bundled m2v decoder.

M1V if the file extension of mpeg1 video file. Windows98 or later version includes m1v decoder.

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