AIFF is Audio Interchange File Format. AIF is the standard audio format for Apple Computer belonging to one part of QuickTime technology. As Apple computer is mostly applied to multimedia publishing industry, AIFF audio files are supported by almost all audio editor software and audio player software more or less. So there must be a world for AIFF as long as Apple Computer still exists. AIFC is file extension for AIF.

ASF is Advanced Streaming Format. It is an extensible file format developed primarily for storing synchronized digital video, audio, subtitle streams, or transmitting data on the internet. ASF is also a multimedia container of Windows Media Video or Windows Media Audio.

There is an aiff decoder in Windows, you can convert aif/aifc/aiff to asf file,


Download ASF Converter which can convert aif to asf file. Select an aif file, change audio encoding bitrate if necessary,  rename the output file to asf extension.

VQF in its reality is the Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization (TwinVQ ) technology developed by NTT Human Interface Laboratories affiliated to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group in Japan. VQF is an audio compression technology (SoundVQ) that enjoys the support from the famous YAMAHA Corporation. Both VQF and TVQ are its names of different types.

To convert vqf to asf, please install its decoder based on DirectShow.

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