Our affiliate program center!
Became an affiliate for us and earn money now! It is very easy and no any sign up fee. As our affiliate, you will receive a commission (at least 30%) by selling each product of us. Currently our affiliate program is managed by RegNow, PLIMUS, ShareIt.


Good news: all products supports custom build for protecting your benefit. Download the installation files at the right volume. For example, MKV To WMV Converter installation name is mkv-to-wmv.exe. If your Regnow affiliate ID is 12345, rename mkv-to-wmv.exe to mkv-to-wmv.regnow.12345.exe. The custom build support RegNow, Plimus, ShareIt.

MKV To WMV Converter original name: mkv-to-wmv.exe

  affiliate ID (example) New installation name
RegNow 12345 mkv-to-wmv.regnow.12345.exe
PLIMUS Test mkv-to-wmv.plimus.Test.exe
ShareIt Test mkv-to-wmv.shareit.Test.exe

The batch-rename.zip can help you rename the files fast. If you find any problem, please email us.


If you're not a RegNow affiliate, you'll need to create an account here for free.

If you are already a RegNow affiliate, just login to your RegNow affiliate accout, In your control panel, enter our product name or ID in "Product Search" section to find our products and click "Join Now!", At last, Click "Sales Links", then you will get order links of our products which you can place on your website. This method sends customers directly to the product's order form. The customer's visit is recorded, after they have purchased our products, you will receive credit for the sale. For example, Link to order page https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=xxxx&affiliate=yyyy (Where xxxx is the our product id in Regnow and yyyy is your regnow affiliate ID number)

Product Name Product ID in Regnow
JPG/JPEG Photo Converter 17317-1
BMP Picture Maker 17317-2
PNG Still Creator 17317-3
TIF Image Builder 17317-4
WMV Converter 17317-5
Audio Video To WMA Converter 17317-6
MKV Converter 17317-7
MKV To WMV Converter 17317-8
WMV Merger 17317-9
Picture To Video Converter 17317-10
WMV Joiner 17317-11
Audio Video Synchronizer 17317-12
WMA Merger 17317-13
MIDI To WMA Converter 17317-14
Sound Capture To WMA 17317-15

Products PAD files:

Product Name PAD URL
JPG/JPEG Photo Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/jpg_photo_converter.xml
BMP Picture Maker http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/bmp_picture_maker.xml
PNG Still Creator http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/png_still_creator.xml
TIF Image Builder http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/tif_image_builder.xml
WMV Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/wmv_converter.xml
Audio Video To WMA Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/wma_converter.xml
MKV Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/mkv_converter.xml
MKV To WMV Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/mkv_to_wmv_converter.xml
WMV Merger http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/wmv_merger.xml
Picture To Video Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/picture_to_video_converter.xml
WMV Joiner http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/wmv_joiner.xml
Audio Video Synchronizer http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/av_sync.xml
WMA Merger http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/wma_merger.xml
MIDI To WMA Converter http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/midi_to_wma.xml
Sound Capture To WMA http://www.weqsoft.com/pad/sound_capture_wma.xml



If you do not have an affiliate account with Plimus, please firstly create it at here

If you already have your Plimus affiliate account and request to sell our product, you can use the link below:


* Where XXXX is the our product's contract id in Plimus.

How do you link to our product's website/order page or download our products on your own website? There are 3 types of links you can choose:

Direct link to the order page: 

Link to download the file:

Link to the product website: 

* Please replace XXXX with our product's contract id and YYYY with your Plimus username. 

How do you get the credit/commission for a sale?

Once you're signed up, simply add your affiliate ID to the product purchase link, and Plimus will ensure you're credited for the deal. When a customer uses one of the affiliate links (to the order page, download or product URL), Plimus install a cookie on the customer's browser that is active for a full year. you'll get credit even if the customer come back later to make an order finally. Alternatively, you can use coupon and promotion codes to make our products appealing, and to track even those customers who clear their cookie cache.

Product Name contractId in Plimus
JPG/JPEG Photo Converter 1744626
BMP Picture Maker 1744628
PNG Still Creator 1744630
TIF Image Builder 1744632
WMV Converter 1857986
Audio Video To WMA Converter 1858026
MKV Converter 1939906
MKV To WMV Converter 1939908
WMV Merger 1939946
Picture To Video Converter 1939948
WMV Joiner 1939952
Audio Video Synchronizer 2217626
WMA Merger 2217706
MIDI To WMA Converter 2217786
Sound Capture To WMA 2217826


It is better for Euro customers. Get an affiliate ID from ShareIt here.

Product Name Product ID in ShareIt
JPG/JPEG Photo Converter 300267225
BMP Picture Maker 300267430
PNG Still Creator 300267431
TIF Image Builder 300267432
WMV Converter 300267433
Audio Video To WMA Converter 300267434
MKV Converter 300267435
MKV To WMV Converter 300267436
WMV Merger 300267437
Picture To Video Converter 300267438
WMV Joiner 300267439
Audio Video Synchronizer 300295950
WMA Merger 300295951
MIDI To WMA Converter 300295952
Sound Capture To WMA 300295954


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