FLV means FLASH VIDEO. It is a new video format developed with the launch of Flash MX. FLV streaming media format makes online watching video possible with features of quite fast loading rate and rather small size it forms. Nowadays, all online video sites adopt FLV format, and as there're more and more video sites and podcasts sites, FLV as a newly born network format becomes more and more popular. Either Youtube, Google video as current most popular video sharing sites have adopted FLV as technical basis. 

WMV contains video and audio streams respectively using Windows Media Video codec and Windows Media Audio codec.

To convert flv to wmv, please install FLV Splitter and FFDSHOW. Run "regsvr32" to register the FLV Splitter.

Download WMV Converter which can convert flv to wmv file. Select a flv file, change some parameters such as the video encoding bitrate,  audio encoding bitrate, resolution, frame rate etc if necessary.

If set the customized size to watch high definition in 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p) resolutions, and increase bit rate, you may convert flv to wmv HD.


Flash becomes a two-dimensional animation software developed by Macromedia since Nov.1996 with its earliest version called Future Splash Animator. It usually includes Macromedia Flash for designing and editing Flash files and Macromedia Flash Player for playing Flash files. Flash is the standards of interactive vector graphics and web animations, by which many web designers create beautiful navigation interface with changeable size and other fantastic effect. Owing to its cross-platform, relatively small size film it creates, having its own special files format(swf) and other features, itís is declared that about 97% web browser has built-in Flash Player by Macromedia.

Swf is the special format for the animation design software-Flash of Macromedia Company that is all called Flash files. The format supports animation files of vector and lattice graphics, so the picture wonít be distorted when zooming an animation. Swf is quite practical to describe an animation that composed of geometric graphics . Swf format is widely applied to web design, animation creator and teaching demonstration, etc.

WMV conerter does not convert flash swf to wmv directly.


On2 means On2 Technologies which was firstly called The Duck Corporation. On2 aims to design standards-based video codec technology and it has designed some codecs like VP4, VP5, VP6 and so on. Beijing E-World selected its VP5 and VP6 codecs as a video coding method to be used in EVD format in2003.

To convert ON2 to wmv, Please install ON2 VP6 or On2 VP7 codec .

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