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Online convert Word or Writer Text Document to doc docx file
DOC or DOCX is a file format used for storing documents, primarily associated with Microsoft Word, a popular word processing program. DOCX is part of the Microsoft Office suite and has been the default format for Word documents since Word 2007, amd the older Office used DOC. It offers features for creating professional and well-structured documents and is supported by a variety of software applications, making it a versatile and commonly used document format in both personal and business settings. Doc  supports Macro, but docx files do not support macros, which can be a security concern in some cases.

DOTX is Microsoft Word Document Templates. These templates contain predefined styles, formatting, and content placeholders. It is based on the Office Open XML standard.
DOT is is associated with earlier versions of Word.

The web app can convert Word dotx/dot/rtf/txt/html/mhtml/xml/wpd or Writer text document odt/fodt/ott/sxw/stw/uot/wps/wpt/hwp/lwp/pages/lrf/cwk/fb2/wri/mw/mcw/mwd/pdb/sdw/wn to doc/docx or dotx/dot file online.

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