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Online convert pptx ppt doc docx to html mhtml file
HTML is for HyperText Markup Language, and it is the standard language for creating and designing web pages. HTML is used to structure content on the web and is essential for creating documents that can be viewed in web browsers. HTML documents are text files that include HTML markup, which defines the structure and presentation of the content. The file format can be *.htm or *.html.

MHTML, which stands for MIME HTML, is a file format that combines HTML code and its associated resources (such as images, style sheets, and scripts) into a single file. The purpose of MHTML is to create a self-contained archive of a web page, including all the elements needed to display it correctly. The file format can be *.mht or *.mhtml.

The web app can convert Word doc/docx, Publisher pub, PowerPoint ppt/pptx, pdf odt ods odp txt rtf to html mhtml file online.

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