Play or WAVPACK WV WVC SMAF RINGTONE MMF on to Zune / Xbox 360

WavPack is an unique file format known as both lossless compression format and lossy compression format. Under the mode of “hybrid”, WavPack file could be compressed to be WV file(lossy format) and WVC( amended file) which would make the lossy compression format wv become lossless. And so if the size needs to be reduced, you could remove the wvc file while wv file changes to lossy again, and WavPack is the same with high bit rate MP3 when played. What’s more, under the optimal parameters, when a file is played, little CPU will it take up, and once there’s wrong bit code due to improper save, Wavpack would restrict the loss in milliseconds.

Zune is the name of both services that obtain and share the media content and a brand of Portable Media Player developed by Microsoft like iPod of Apple Inc.

Xbox is a video game console competing intensely with the Nintendo GameCube/Wii or Sony's PlayStation/(PS2/PS3).Microsoft has published versions Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS, Xbox Next, or NextBox, XBOX 360. 

To play wavpack on Zune / Xbox, Please install the appropriate wavpack filter (CoreWavPack) to convert WavPack wvc wv to wma.

Download Zune Xbox Converter to convert  WAVPACK  to Zune/Xbox. Then use USB or networks to transfer the wma file. Or burn the files to CD/DVD, play disks on Xbox easily.


RINGTONE, now popular known as the customizable sounds available on mobile phones, is the sound generated when an incoming telephone call is received. A phone only rings after a special "ringing signal" being sent to it. The ringing signal for both landline telephones and mobile phones are different.

SMAF, short for Synthetic music Mobile Application Format, is a multimedia data format developed by Yamaha. SMAF is specified for portable electronic devices like cell phones and PDAs and has *.MMF as its file extension. SMAF resembles MIDI, but it has smaller size and more powerful representation. Right now, SMAF is mainly used in making ringtones of mobile phones.

MMF is a ringtone format applied frequently to mobile phones. MMFfile size is rather small and still could be compressed which adapts to mobile phones of weak CPU processing capability and small storage capacity. With good sound quality, MMF ringtone could either be pure MIDI or PCM or even PCM+MIDI. Besides, it is the extension of SMAF file and could expand the multimedia function of image, text and sound in SMAF respectively.

Please install related codecs to convert ringtone smaf mmf to Zune / Xbox file.

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