Play or convert RA DTS on to Zune / Xbox 360

RA is a new streaming audio format of Real Audio. *.ra files are needed to be played by RealPlayer, but they are also popular on the network owing to their small size and thus are saved in large quantities in users’ computers. Such files can not be played directly due to not being supported by MP3 Player. So it needs to be converted to a common format before playing. 

Zune is the name of both services that obtain and share the media content and a brand of Portable Media Player developed by Microsoft like iPod of Apple Inc.

Xbox is a video game console competing intensely with the Nintendo GameCube/Wii or Sony's PlayStation/(PS2/PS3).Microsoft has published versions Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS, Xbox Next, or NextBox, XBOX 360.

To play ra on Zune / Xbox, please convert it to wma first on PC. Install the latest Real Player if your Windows system does not install it. Download RealMedia Splitter, use the command line "regsvr32" to register it.

Download Zune Xbox Converter to convert  RA to Zune/Xbox. Then use USB or networks to transfer the wma file. Or burn the files to CD/DVD, play disks on Xbox easily.


DTS standing up Digital Theater Systems is a multi-channel digital surround sound format used for both movie sound and music applications. It is owned by DTS Inc that aims to develop high-quality entertainment experience. As the pioneer of multi-channel sound effect, the advanced format is adopted by over 20 thousand theaters in the world and which is also used for all kinds of audio and video entertainment products application. But there are few disks using DTS even though DTS Technology provides better sound effect than CD and Dolby Digital.

To play DTS on Zune / Xbox, please install a DVD player like WinDVD player or Power DVD player. Or install a DTS codec for it to wma.

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