Play or convert OFR APE on to Zune / Xbox 360

OFR, short for OptimFROG, is proprietary lossless audio data compression codec created by Florin Ghido. OFR aims to optimize the high compression ratios and the price of slower encoding and decoding as well. OptimFROG DualStream which aims to fill gap between perceptual coding and lossless coding is another format of OptimFROG file, both of which could store the metadata by using PEv2 tags. 

Zune is the name of both services that obtain and share the media content and a brand of Portable Media Player developed by Microsoft like iPod of Apple Inc.

Xbox is a video game console competing intensely with the Nintendo GameCube/Wii or Sony's PlayStation/(PS2/PS3).Microsoft has published versions Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS, Xbox Next, or NextBox, XBOX 360.

To play OFR on Zune / Xbox, please convert it to wma first on PC. Install OptimFrog DirectShow decoder filter.

Download Zune Xbox Converter to convert OFR to Zune/Xbox. Then use USB or networks to transfer the wma file. Or burn the files to CD/DVD, play disks on Xbox easily.


APE is a audio filename extension used by Monkey's Audio who provides a fast and easy way to compress digital music. As a lossless compression format, APE also open part of its codec and it is mainly applied to hi-fi listening and audio file-level save. However, since APE is a proprietary software which is often too slow to decode on portable audio devices, there may exist some risks in practice.

To play ape on Zune/Xbox, please install APE DirectShow Filter for it to wma.

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