Play or convert MPA DRC on to Zune / Xbox 360

MPA is an audio that doesn’t contain video, which derives from MPG and belongs to the compressed format of MPEG1 Level. There’re MPEG Audio Layer-1, MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 and Audio Layer-3 (becomes MP3) altogether in MPEG-1 Audio. 

Zune is the name of both services that obtain and share the media content and a brand of Portable Media Player developed by Microsoft like iPod of Apple Inc.

Xbox is a video game console competing intensely with the Nintendo GameCube/Wii or Sony's PlayStation/(PS2/PS3).Microsoft has published versions Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS, Xbox Next, or NextBox, XBOX 360.

To play mpa on Zune / Xbox, please convert it to wma first on PC. you do not install the extra mpa decoder based on DirectShow on your Windows system.

Download Zune Xbox Converter to convert MPA to Zune/Xbox. Then use USB or networks to transfer the wma file. Or burn the files to CD/DVD, play disks on Xbox easily.


Drc (Dirac) is a video file for internet transmission presented by BBC.

To play drc on Zune / Xbox, please download Dirac DirectShow codec for it to wmv format.

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