Play or convert DAT PMP on to Zune / Xbox 360 HD
DAT is a VCD file extension used in the Microsoft Windows Operating System to mean "video data" normally. It can be encoded with MPEG 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 standard. 

Zune is the name of both services that obtain and share the media content and a brand of Portable Media Player developed by Microsoft like iPod of Apple Inc.

Xbox is a video game console competing intensely with the Nintendo GameCube/Wii or Sony's PlayStation/(PS2/PS3).Microsoft has published versions Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS, Xbox Next, or NextBox, XBOX 360 (HD resolution, high-definition).

To play DAT on Zune / Xbox file, please convert the file to wmv first on PC. If the dat file is encoded with mpeg1.0 format, you do not need to install any additional dat decoder. If the dat file is encoded with mpeg1.1 or 2.0 format, please install DVD players which include the appropriate dat codec. Please ensure the *.dat file is video file and Windows Media Player can play it because many other files also use this kind of extension. VISTA has bundled DAT 1.1/2.0 decoder.

Download Zune Xbox Converter to convert DAT to Zune/Xbox. Then use USB or networks to transfer the wmv file. Or burn the files to CD/DVD, play disks on Xbox easily.


PMP, short for Portable Media Player, is capable of not only watching movie but also playing music , viewing images and even recording videos and surfing the internet. Some of its products may even boasts the function of digital cameras. PMP doesn’t have uniform standards which differs from PMC and thus manufacturers could choose the application software and configuration according to their own requirements. After the Hot frenzy of iPod MP3 music player developed by Apple in the global market, PMP has been regarded as the next expectable mobile entertainment device.

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