OFR, short for OptimFROG, is proprietary lossless audio data compression codec created by Florin Ghido. OFR aims to optimize the high compression ratios and the price of slower encoding and decoding as well. OptimFROG DualStream which aims to fill gap between perceptual coding and lossless coding is another format of OptimFROG file, both of which could store the metadata by using PEv2 tags.

WMA is Windows Media Audio. WMA is a new audio format developed by Microsoft well known as MP3. With a higher rate in files compression and better sound quality than the latter, even far beyond those of RA. 

To convert OFR to wma, please install OptimFrog DirectShow decoder filter.

Download WMA Converter which can convert OFR to wma file. Select an ofr file, set the start time, the end time or audio encoding bitrate if needed. The bitrate is bigger, the file size is bigger, the audio quality is higher, and vice versa. Click the Convert button to convert OptimFROG *.ofr to wma.


VQF in its reality is the Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization (TwinVQ ) technology developed by NTT Human Interface Laboratories affiliated to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group in Japan. VQF is an audio compression technology (SoundVQ) that enjoys the support from the famous YAMAHA Corporation. Both VQF and TVQ are its names of different types.

To convert vqf to wma, please install its decoder based on DirectShow.

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