DivX is a new digital video compression technology derived from MPEG4V3 encoding technology of Microsoft developed by DivXNetworks Cop.. DivX is formed by combining the compressed audio with MP3 technology and compressed video with MPEG-4 technology. *.DivX or *.DIV adopts MPEG-4 compression algorithm, and it maintains the original image quality of DVD and may could compress a 120-minute-long film to about 300MB video stream. Based on MPEG-4 standard, DivX could even compress the VHS format video files to 1% of the original file size.

WMA is Windows Media Audio. WMA is a new audio format developed by Microsoft well known as MP3. With a higher rate in files compression and better sound quality than the latter, even far beyond those of RA.

To convert DIVX TO wma, please install the DivX decoder and audio decoder for the divx extension. Normally the audio stream of DIVX is encoded by MP3. In Windows it is not needed to install extra mp3 decoder. 

Download WMA Converter which can convert divx to wma file. Select a dat file, set the start time, the end time or audio encoding bitrate if needed. The bitrate is bigger, the file size is bigger, the audio quality is higher, and vice versa. Click the Convert button to convert dat to wma.


M2V is a video file extension of DVD excluding audio files. Itís one kind of mpeg2's  format. Thereíre 2 ways for Premiere pro outputting m2v: one is using adobe mpeg encode to output in m2v format, the other way could finish it one time. Please install a DVD player for mpeg2 decoder to convert m2v to wma. Windows VISTA has bundled m2v decoder.

M1V if the file extension of mpeg1 video file. Windows98 or later version includes m1v decoder.

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