AU file is a compressed digital sound format launched by Sun Microsystems. AU file was originally a digital sound file under the UNIX operating system. As the early Web Server on Internet is mainly based on UNIX. AU file is still the commonly used sound file format in Internet nowadays and the LiveAudio in Navigator Browser also supports Audio format.

WMA is Windows Media Audio. WMA is a new audio format developed by Microsoft well known as MP3. With a higher rate in files compression and better sound quality than the latter, even far beyond those of RA.

Windows includes au decoder. You may convert au to wma file directly. 

Download WMA Converter which can convert au to wma file. Select an au file, set the start time, the end time or audio encoding bitrate if needed. The bitrate is bigger, the file size is bigger, the audio quality is higher, and vice versa. Click the Convert button to convert au to wma.

APE is a audio filename extension used by Monkey's Audio who provides a fast and easy way to compress digital music. As a lossless compression format, APE also open part of its codec and it is mainly applied to hi-fi listening and audio file-level save. However, since APE is a proprietary software which is often too slow to decode on portable audio devices, there may exist some risks in practice.

To convert ape to wma, please install APE DirectShow Filter.

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