AAC is the short of Advanced Audio Coding which is an audio format co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS-A, Dolby and AT&T.  AAC format could only be supported by hard drive-based MP3 of Apple for the time being. The algorithms used by AAC is different from that by MP3, and AAC could provide a better sound quality under the condition of compressing files to 30 percents smaller than MP3.

WMA is Windows Media Audio. WMA is a new audio format developed by Microsoft well known as MP3. With a higher rate in files compression and better sound quality than the latter, even far beyond those of RA (Real Audio).

To convert aac to wma: please install the aac decoder based on DirectShow on your Windows system. Run "regsvr32" to register the codec. 

Download WMA Converter which can convert aac to wma file. Select an aac file, set the start time, the end time or audio encoding bitrate if needed. The bitrate is bigger, the file size is bigger, the audio quality is higher, and vice versa. Click the Convert button to convert aac to wma.

MPC means MusePaCk (.mpc), which is a completely free and high-quality audio format developed by Andree Buschmann in 1997. With better sound quality and faster encoding speed than MP3, it is now believed to be the best lossy codec suitable for listening music. But Itís said that only OEM Cor. develops Walkmans that support MPC format at present and which is only used by few people who persue higher-quality sound. And as MPC lacks of support from both hardware and software, and itís less well known, itís mostly impossible to replace MP3.

To convert mpc to wma, please install the appropriate mpc Directshow filter/decoder/codecs (RadLight) for the mpc file.

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