BMP (Bitmap) is very popular nowadays due to the common use of Windows. That is because BMP is the standard format used by Windows for saving image files. It contains more image information than the JPEG, and there is almost no compression of images. So it takes a larger disk space. Presently, 24 bits per pixel BMP files are the most common in all the 1, 4, 8, 15, 24, 32, 64 bits per pixel BMP files. 

DIB is device-independent bitmap, which exchanges DIB between devices and applications with a lot of internal data.

RLE is Run Length Encoding, lossless data compression in bmp format to decrease the file size.

2bp or 2bpp is also a kind of Windows bitmap.

WMF (Windows Metafile) is a 16- bit graphic format appearing on MS Windows systems. It became commonly used since the wide use of graphics formats, like GIF and JPEG. Windows graphic layers GDI can execute the WMF format to store image. It contains the functions of compressing files, editing images and so on. Generally, a whole image is stored as a sequence of separated parts. The images are often rough and can be edited only in Microsoft Office.

WMZ is Compressed Windows Metafile.

TIF/TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is widely and common used lossless image format in all platforms, such as Mac, Windows, Unix. With the ability of storing arbitrary number of bits per pixel and having variety of compression algorithms, TIFF is favored by most people, especially by graphic designers. TIFF supports CMYK, RGB, Lab, indexed color and grayscale with alpha avenue and Bitmap images without alpha avenue. When approving or adding new tags, it can extend TIFF format by using tags. That is, the image information can be stored and arranged.

To convert bmp wmf wmz to tif  file, please download TIF Image Builder.



Other image format definition:

PBM, short for Portable Bit Map, the lowest common denominator grayscale file format, which is a part of Netpbm. It is easy to convert to any other graphics format, or to manipulate the image. It's an intermediary format to store a file or to transmit it to someone between two other programs. And it contains a system of one or more PBM images.

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